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Key Features

Carrio integrates all the information, content and functions into one app and its four views.
Everything you need while driving is just swipes away.

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  • Communication

    You can make phone calls and listen to your email messages, Whatsapp messages and Skype messages safely while driving. Carrio identifies the language of the message and reads the message aloud to you.

  • Entertainment

    Your music, podcasts and Internet Radio in one player. You can also search media by voice or handwriting. The two-finger gestures allow you to control the player from all views without watching the screen.

  • Navigation and Traffic Info

    Based on HERE© maps and navigation Carrio includes a state-of-the art navigation with automatic map updates. HERE traffic information is enriched with our users' reports.

  • The Driving Game

    Score points for driving according to speed limits and without hard accelerations and brakings. Best drivers make it to the Top List!

  • Trip Logging

    Carrio logs automatically your trip information including starting location and time, destination and arrival time as well as the distance. You can also add refuelings into the journal.

  • Safer To Use

    Carrio is designed to be used while driving. With a safer user interface combined with speech, voice commands (see Voice Command List ) and handwriting by MyScript© Carrio is proven to be significantly safer compared to mobile apps and more user-friendly than OEM systems.

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The Driving Game

Obey the speed limits and drive smoothly to make it to the hi-score lists!
Can You make it to the top 5?


Distance without speed warning
Distance without Hard Acceleration
Distance without hard braking
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Traffic Info

Carrio collects traffic information from various sources.
Here are the latest traffic reports from our users.

Traffic Warnings
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