Driver Distraction

Carrio Design Principles

Carrio is designed to fulfill the needs of drivers in a safer way. Today over 80% of drivers use mobile apps while driving despite its dangers. Carrio aims to fullfil the needs leading to mobile app use while driving in a more safe and user friendly way.

It should be noticed however, that eventually safe driving is mostly in the hands of humans still today. Please, do not let Carrio distract you while driving and do not use the system when it can cause risks in the traffic. Always obey the local laws. This is also required from our users in our End-user License Agreement.

Carrio reduces driver distraction by 60%

To deliver a safer way to access services, information and media while driving, Carrio has been tested by an independent party for driver distraction. The testing has been executed by the driving distraction researchers at the University of Jyväskylä.

The testing was done by giving the test group a set of tasks, which are common to be executed while driving today with smartphones. The tasks included e.g. checking emails, searching and playing music and entering destinations for navigator. These tasks were then executed with a smartphone and Carrio while driving in a driving simulator. Based on the tests Carrio tasks did not only pass the distraction criteria, but reduced driver distraction by 60% compared to smartphone tasks. Moreover, 80% of the test group preferred Carrio over the standard smartphone apps for in-car use.