Carrio - Voice Commands

Click the 'Co-Driver' icon in any of the four main views to give a voice command.
Voice commands are available in Carrio version 2.2 onwards(release in Jan 2018).

Player and Media

"Play Radio"
"Radio (name of the station)"
Starts playing a radio station from the favorite list. If the name of the station is not given, starts the last played station.
"Play Podcast (name of the show)"
"Podcast (name of the show)"
Starts playing a podcast from the users favorite list. If the show is not given, startos to play the last played show.
"Play Music"
"Play Music"
Starts the last song listened from the device.
"Play News"
Starts to play the 'News & Recent' playlist from the user's favorite podcasts.
TIP: You can add and remove podcast shows to the News & Recents list when the car is not moving.
"Deezer" Opens Deezer with the Carrio return icon if Deezer is installed.
"Play Deezer" Starts the playback on Deezer if Deezer is running. Otherwise opens the application with Carrio return icon.
"Spotify" Opens Spotify with the Carrio return icon if Spotify is installed.
"Play Spotify" Starts the playback on Spotify if Spotify is running. Otherwise opens the application with Carrio return icon.


"Read messages"
"Play messages"
Opens the 'Latest messages' list and starts reading the first message on the list.
"Show messages"
Shows the Messages view
"Latest messages"
"Recent messages"
Shows the 'Latest Messages' list, but does not start reading.
"Send message to (name)"
"Message to (name)"
Opens the message composing view to send a message to the requested person. For example, "Send message to Thor".

Calls and Contacts

"Call (name)" Calls the person requested (if found from the contacts). For example, "Call Odin"
"Search contact (name)"
"Contact (name)"
Searches and opens the requested contact. For example, "Search Loki"


"Navigate to (place, address etc.)"
"Directions to (place, address etc.)"
"Directions (place, address etc.)"
Open the map view and shows place search results for the given keyword to start navigating.
"Let's go home"
"Navigate home"
Starts navigation to home, if home address is set
"Navigate to work" Starts navigation to work, if work address is set


"Report danger" Sends a traffic warning to other users.
"Report pothole, report road damage"
"Report roadwork"
"Report slippery road"
"Report bad weather, report poor weather"
"Report roadblock, report road closed"
"Report traffic jam"
"Report accident, Report crash"
"Report animal(s) on road"
"Report object(s) on road"


"Note to self (note)" Sends the note to the user's email address (if configured in Carrio). The note is shown to the user before sending.
"Send me my trips, Send trips" Sends the trip log by email as a csv file
"Read my agenda"
"How is my day?"
"What's up today?"
Reads the calendar events of the day.